De Capua report on Sudanese refugees

Sudanese Refugees Victims of Air Raid

Report by Joe DeCapua

VOA News

تقرير صوتي خاص بإعتقال المهندس محمد حسن عالم البوشي

تقرير صوتي خاص بإعتقال المهندس محمد حسن عالم البوشي by Safia Alarifi

وزارة الخارجية الأمريكية تعرب عن قلقها على مصير محمد حسن عالم البوشي وتقول ان سفارتها في الخرطوم بدأت اتصالات حثيثة مع الحكومة السودانية للكشف عن مصيره.

استمع لحديث سليمان صندل لراديو دبنقا

إستمع لحديث جبريل بلال لراديو دبنقا

Criminal elements cause insecurity in Darfur

Sudan Bombing Dangerous And Unjustified

VOA Editorial

Satellite Images Show Sudan Air Power Build-up

VOA’s Joe De Capua report on satellite images

Interview with Nathaniel Raymond, head of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, which analyzes the satellite images

Sudan accused of lying over refugee bombing

Sudan has been accused of lying over the bombing of a refugee camp in neighbouring South Sudan.

The UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said that at least two bombs were dropped on a camp on Thursday, an accusation that has been denied by Sudan

The United States says that denial is a blatant lie

Gerry Adams reports

Duration: 2’36

Calls For President Obama To Protect Millions Of Sudanese Civilians In Darfur

VOA’s John Tanza Interviews Martina Knee spokesperson for Act for Sudan

هجوم على دورية لليوناميد يسفر عن قتلى وجرحى

2011/11/06 |  وقع اليوم هجوم على دورية لليوناميد بالقرب من نيالا بجنوب دارفور، أسفر عن مقتل جندي من حفظة السلام، وهو من سيراليون، وإصابة اثنين آخرين بجروح. وفي بيان منسوب…

Jonathan Hutson on using satellite to detect war crimes in Sudan

An interview with Jonathan Hutson, from the American organization ENOUGH – The Project To End Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity, tells Rick about its Satellite Sentinel project — an effort straight out of CSI, where they’re using satellites to detect war crimes with forensic precision — and to deter other from committing them. Nov.03/11

John Ashworth’s analysis on the conflict in Sudan’s Blue Nile state

Blue Nile State Conflict Could Have Multiple Effects

VOA’s John Tanza reached John Ashworth ( peace and security advisor to the Sudan Ecumenical Council ) in Nairobi, Kenya – 2 Sept 2011

An exclusive interview, the SSLA’s leader Major General Bapiny Montyuil told the BBC’s James Copnall in Khartoum, Sudan

An exclusive interview, the SSLA’s leader Major General Bapiny Montyuil told the BBC’s James Copnall in Khartoum, Sudan

Rebels are accused of destabilising South Sudan – but where do the weapons come from? Could the fate of one African immigrant topple the government in the Netherlands? Politicians divided over what to do about a teenage Angolan asylum seeker. After 30 years the city of Algiers finally rolls out its underground rail system. And we visit the 9th edition of Bamako Encounters, the African Photography Biennial, in Mali.

jhr Rights Report #8: Sudan, Omar Bashir and the International Criminal Court

By Adam Bemma

The 8th edition of the jhr Rights Report examines the International Criminal Court’s case against Sudan President, Omar Bashir. A year after the ICC indicted Bashir on charges of genocide for his role in the Darfur conflict, what’s the international community doing to apprehend him?

The Rights Report goes to Africa to hear from jhr correspondent Prince Minkah in Accra, Ghana and also takes a minute to discuss the digital divide that technologically separates the rich from the poor of the world.

VOA’s John Tanza interview with Ryan Boyette

VOA’s John Tanza interview with Ryan Boyette

Sudan government bans SPLM party and arrests supporters

VOA’s interview with Yassir Arman 05.09.2011

An interview with James Hedlund – the ongoing humanitarian crises in Soutth Kordofan


Title:-           The Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis in South Kordofan

Creator:-      Hedlund, James

Date:-          12.07.2011

Duration:-    00:24:22 (hh:mm:ss)

Type:-          Sound/Interview

Language:-  English

Description:-James Hedlund, an independent analyst on Sudan and freelance adviser supporting indigenous aid intervention, discusses the violence and humanitarian crisis in South Kordofan. He considers prospects for cease fire deals given the long history of conflict in the Nuba Mountains and examines the dire need for international aid in this remote and isolated region of in the south of Sudan.