Sadig Al-Mahdi: The comeback king

15 – 21 July 2004

Issue No. 699


By Gamal Nkrumah

A tall, trim, rather diffident Sadig Al-Mahdi enters the spacious lounge in striking traditional Sudanese garb. His is an extraordinarily handsome face. His billowing robes, blindingly white, gently flutter. He adjusts his turban in the sitting room of his apartment in Nasr City, Cairo. He’s smiling and affable.

His easy charm and natural flair for politics seem to have weathered the rigours of time as well as his features.

Al-Mahdi is a hard man to track down, but when I finally secure a meeting it proves well worth the wait. The photographer and I were served freshly squeezed orange juice. Al-Mahdi, himself, eats plenty of fresh fruit and salad and rarely touches red meat. Continue reading